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Simeon Hernandez is a dynamic inspirational speaker, content creator, and business consultant. Throughout his career, Simeon has used his behavioral analysis and disruptive strategy training to create a history of achievement.  With more than 25 years of experience in driving business growth, leading start-up and turn-around efforts, and simplifying operational processes, he is a cofounder and the managing partner for Hope323.  His mission is to provide insights and strategies for Inspired Transformation.  In addition to his business training, he is a graduate of the improv training program from the highly acclaimed “Players Workshop of the Second City,” an accomplished martial artist, a PPR-Certified Pickleball Pro, and a talented musician who is active in his church. Simeon specializes in incorporating key takeaways from the passions of his life with his extensive business experience to deliver inspirational keynote presentations, produce engaging events, and provide innovative consulting programs for personal and business success.

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