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Here is an overview of some of Hope323’s featured programs and services that has helped our clients build their story for success:



Conversation between Colleagues

RockStar ReInvention: Create Your Opportunity

When the world around you changes through no fault of your own, what can you do to be successful as you pursue your passion?  RockStar ReInvention is a timeless story of how change and perseverance can create new opportunities. It’s an entertaining and inspirational experience that will tap into our love of music as it teaches a story for success and hope.

Getting The SHARE: Inspiring Action

Would you like to increase your market share? The “SHARE” strategy will help you remember the key points of interest to inspire others to engage with you, refer to you, and help you achieve your goals.

The Guide: Scripting Your Story for Success

How can you build your story for success? By applying the strengths of your organization to the elements of a heroic story, we can show you how to position yourself and design a plan that can optimize your outcomes.

The Smooth Show Flow

Would you like your events to be insightful, impactful, and memorable? Our focus on “Edutainment” can help you accomplish your goals. Our Creative Production Consulting Services focus on working with you to craft a theme, a consistent experience, and session events that reinforce the objectives of the meeting. We can also serve as the Master of Ceremonies for your event.



Group Therapy

Compassionate Conversations: CLEAR The Air –

The Emotional Responder System

How can we help people find hope in the hopelessness? One of the biggest challenges for a person dealing with the pain of anxiety and depression is the belief that they are facing this crisis alone. Our Emotional Responder Training can help you and your team be the difference in helping someone realize that they are not alone. This program is designed to teach people without any formal training in psychology or psychiatry the key steps to inspire people to get the support that they need.

Compelling Conversations: Perceptive Perspectives

Can you read my mind? If you would like simple strategies for more effective communication, this program featuring DISC Behavioral Insights offers the opportunity to view conversations from different perspectives and can be customized for your specific messaging needs.

Concise Conversations: Making The Connection

Are your words connecting with people? This interactive program highlights how the choice of our words can reduce the amount of time it takes for someone to understand our message.

The SSI Conversation: A Strategic Approach to Sales

Is sales an art or a science? The Sales Skills Index incorporates detailed analysis to help you master the art of sales in the six stages of the sales experience.




Pickleball & Portfolios

What are two of the largest fears that people have when they retire? Social isolation and running out of money. Pickleball & Portfolios is a fun and educational workshop that offers the opportunity to learn more about how to plan for retirement and how to play the fastest growing sport in the country.

Pickleball & Praise

Would you like to bring more fun, fitness, and fellowship to your community, organization, or school? Pickleball & Praise is a fun and inspirational workshop that offers the opportunity to learn more about how to play the fastest growing sport in the country and use the lessons from our faith to be more caring and compassionate people.

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