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RockStar ReInvention:
A Story of Hope

Find your melody in the echoes of resilience.

Check out this short video and discover why you should join us for a night where perseverance harmonizes with the transformative power of music.

When Passion Strikes a Chord with Possibility

The multi-platinum success of The Verve Pipe is no stranger to the airwaves, but what resonates deeper is the journey behind the music.


Brian Vander Ark, lead singer and founder, is set to share his intimate story—a testament to the undying spirit of hope against the backdrop of an ever-changing world.

RockStar ReInvention isn't just an event—it's a moment of connection; an intersection where challenges meet the tenacity of the human spirit.

A Desire to Inspire

Brian's narrative transcends mere anecdotes. It beckons a path of self-discovery for anyone caught in the shadows of doubt. His candid recounting serves as a beacon for:


searching for their voice amidst the noise


seeking light in their personal or professional endeavors

Hopeful souls

yearning for stories

that uplift and compel action

Your Time To Shine

Capitalize on this unique opportunity:

  • Revel in Brian's heartfelt performance of The Freshmen

  • Sing along with fan favorites that have touched millions

  • Join the stage to be a part of the movement and share your talent

Listen to the Song that Changed Everything

The Freshmen

Save The Date

Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2024
Venue: Leesburg High School Auditorium - 1401 Yellow Jacket Way, Leesburg, FL
Time: Doors open at 5:30 PM | Event concludes at 8:30 PM

Music is the universal language that binds us in shared experience.


Secure your seat to witness how life’s peaks and valleys can blend into a masterpiece of hope.

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