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Inspired Transformation: The Abundance Mentality

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I was recently invited by a close family friend to attend one of her church's services. When my family and I visited Christ Church of Port Orange (, we went through a normal exercise of trying to identify what was similar to our church as went into an unfamiliar surrounding. We realized that they played the same worship songs, shared the same focus on building a caring community, and taught a message that could be applied to our lives within an engaging experience. It can be such a powerful feeling to step out of the normal routine, try something new, and learn a great lesson. The pastor, Jesse Jarvis, spoke on a topic that day that, although I had heard and read about it before that service, made me step back and reassess the mentality with which I approached each day.

My key takeaway from his message titled "Flourish: Abundance Mentality Pt. 2" was to determine which mentality I was using as the foundation for my behavior and my actions. He reviewed the comparison between "The Scarcity Mentality" and "The Abundance Mentality".

As I thought about the various results that were generated by the two mental perspectives, I asked myself two key questions: "How have I lived my life?" and, more importantly, "How do I want to live my life?" I reflected on the times in my life that I felt stressed or angry and realized that I was operating using "The Scarcity Mentality". As I have grown older and had more experience, I have realized that the times in my life where I have been successful both personally and professionally were the result of "The Abundance Mentality". In our technology world where we can update the operating systems on our phones, tablets, or computers if we encounter any glitches in performance, my choice after listening to his message was to consciously commit to "The Abundance Mentality" operating system. I have lived most of my life focusing on the results of "The Abundance Mentality" and now have a simple way to describe my operating system. I can take a step back during the course of each day and review whether or not I have the right mindset and operating system in place. I choose to have faith in flourishing results and live with "The Abundance Mentality". Thanks to Pastor Jesse for giving me an impactful way to view my life and providing a powerful moment for an "Inspired Transformation".

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