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People say that hope is not a strategy.
We believe that HOPE is a strategy if
it includes the following elements:

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Will the strategy HELP someone?

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Will the strategy create OPPORTUNITIES?

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Can you measure the PROGRESS?

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Is the strategy simple and EASY to follow?

Why T63?

Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself.


Frustration results from outcomes not meeting expectations. Personal development is a process that takes time. It takes approximately 21 days to start building a new mental habit. However, it takes a minimum of 63 days to change an automated habit. Because we are not only developing new habits but learning to change established ones, true transformation needs at least 63 days to take effect. 

With repetition and exercises focused on neurological activities, we can activate a personal operating system that unleashes positive energy to help us discover the better version of ourselves. 


A Chance For A New Beginning 

The T63 App will be launching soon...

"I AM"


Connect With Us And Start Changing Your Life 

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